Friday, April 18, 2014

Vacation's are better when everyone is laughing

KGB, those initials used to strike fear into people, now they elicit laughter each summer.
This will be my 9th year producing a funny vacation for hundreds of people. A fun little party known as The Kootenay Gut Buster or KGB for short.
I do it because I love the sound of laughter, it's addicting. Add in an outdoor, pristine mountain setting and its even more addicting. Its also a helluva a lot of fun. Despite all the work involved it is still a vacation for me, one with lots of running around but it beats being stuck in the city.

What started as a fun getaway-weekend for 4 stand-up comics has grown into an event that folks are now planning their summers around just so they can attend.
It's also has become a favorite motorcycle destination for many, in fact last year a group of 4 riders made it up from San Diego California to Crawford Bay British Columbia where the Kootenay Gut Buster happens. They just re-booked for 2014!
Last year the audience was about 1/3 motorcycle riders. It was almost like a bike rally where cagers could hang out with bikers and find out...we're people just like them, we just have a passion for riding and we also love to laugh...a lot!!

The KGB show is 2 nights of comedy plus live music in the great outdoors. It takes place in the Crawford Bay Community Park (which has covered seating...just in case) and is just a short walk from town amenities.
Top stand-up comics show up to perform on a working vacation because they want to be in the area. THAT'S what this event is all about, an experience... a comedy vacation experience. Something you will talk about for a long time. You just can't get that at any regular comedy club.

Add in the scenic and wonderful area it's held in, with all its attractions and you may just not want to leave. I know I find it hard to depart each year.Its why I chose this area to produce the show. I discovered it 10 years ago and have visited every summer since. One year I made 6 separate visits, I am so taken by the charm and beauty of the area. Lately I have gone out during winter to ski. The Kootenay area of British Columbia is something I encourage everyone to discover.

The pace is relaxed, the hustle of the city is not only gone but so is the fakeness of chain stores and chain restaurants with their faux environments. Nope, here it's ma and pa shops and I have never been disappointed.
There are artisan shops, beaches, hotsprings, golfing, hiking and ton of things to do by day. We'll make you laugh at night.
KGB WebSite
See you there!!


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